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Silk Sarees And Their Types

Posted by Admin on October, 13, 2021

The silk sarees manufactured in India are one of the key elements of the country’s cultural heritage. These sarees are known for their outstanding design and lustrous beauty. Most manufacturers of soft silk saree in Tamil Nadu can offer their customers wide ranges of sarees with various colours and designs that would suit the person wearing them.

This type of sarees are even popular in Indian weddings and are considered to be the traditional wear for brides on this special and auspicious day. The sarees made of pure silk are widely known among the people of India for their quality and value. Throughout the country, one can find hundreds and thousands of companies that are involved in the manufacturing and distribution business of high-quality silk sarees.

The women of India wear these sarees that are made of vibrant and attractive colours during various festive seasons and occasions. The southern part of India is especially popular for producing the most beautiful silk sarees that are purchased by people around the world for the aesthetic feel and glamour.

Types of Indian Silk Sarees

The wide number of manufacturers and designers of silk sarees around the country use different techniques and procedures of weaving and designing these sarees so that they can provide a unique style statement. The most popular varieties of silk sarees are the Thancoi sarees, Patola sarees, Banarasi sarees, Kanchipuram sarees and several others.

  • Banarasi Sarees: These are probably the most popular and expensive varieties of silk sarees manufactured by some of the most highly acclaimed professionals of Banaras. Gold diamond thread is one of the most common features of such a saree that automatically ends up raising its price.The Banarasi sarees are used in common bridal wear and are further found in four types: the Katari, kora, sattir, georgette.

The weavers and designers use different types of designs on these sarees like floral designs and prints, motifs, nature, animals and others. The weavers almost take a month to complete one piece of this Banarasi saree. This explains the amount of effort and skill they have to invest in each saree to make it as attractive as possible.

  • The Kanchipuram Silk Sarees: The silk sarees manufactured in Kanchipuram, Tamil Naduare widely acclaimed for their contrasting and vibrant dimensions of colour. These sarees also include some traditional designs along with stripes, checks, designs of flowers and temples and others. The different parts of this saree like the borders on the side, body are woven separately by the highly experienced and skilled weavers who later join the parts to the Kanchipuram saree that issue known for their authenticity.

People who have purchased the Kanchipuram silk sarees have appreciated theirlustre and durability.

  • Thancoi sarees: The Thancoi silk sarees consist of a pallu with an extremely unique design that mostly involves motifs. Unlike the other sarees made of silk, the Thancoi sarees do not consist of any border and these are prepared only by experts of Banaras.

  • The Paithani Sarees: A paithani soft silk saree consists of an elegant and exclusive look that makes it popular among customers or clients. The most unique feature or aspect of such a silk saree is the use of various natural sources like leaves, flowers, soil for providing it with beautiful colour and texture.

The luxurious and elegant look of such a saree can be explained with help of the use of pure silk along with some unique metallic designs.

The pure silk sarees of Kanchipuram are particularly considered to be the best type of silk sarees and they consist of wide borders.

Weaving method of Kanchipuram Silk sarees

Pure mulberry silk is used for weaving the sarees of Kanchipuram along with handwoven techniques. The industry that manufactures silk sarees in the state of Tamil Nadu only consists of professional handloom weavers and technicians who are widely acclaimed for the outstanding level and quality of their work.

Threads of mulberry silk along with a metallic thread popularly known as Zari and dye are the major components of such a silk saree. The use of these components has not only enhanced the beauty and overall aesthetic value of this saree but it had also significantly improved its monetary value in the current market.

The mulberry silk used in the sarees of Kanchipuram is mostly brought from Karnataka. The Zari on the other hand is brought from the state of Gujarat. The handloom weavers of Kanchipuram create the most unique designs with as much perfection as possible.

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